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Cambodia Mission Prayer Letter – Mr. Touch Am -February 2019

Thank you for praying for spiritual growth. Thank God for the faith and hope we have in the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a marvelous work and chance to live and to serve our Lord. I believe that it is only God who can change and make His sheep grow day by day. I give praise to His name for the coming of His blessing and peace from time to time. 

Here, from Cambodia I would like to share about the life experience of God’s people. As you know most of Cambodia is Buddhist. Buddhism is always bigger than Christianity in both temples and people. If we look at all the villages around us we see that few families are Christian. And we feel like we are so small and hopeless. There are not many people like us. Especially since the spiritual seed is growing so slowly. In each church there are only a few believers that come to worship. This situation causes many rural churches to close their doors. Church leaders or pastors stop serving the Lord and depart from their hometown to find a job. This is a bad event in Cambodia. However, to me, even though we have a small number of believers, I am still happy to live and to follow our Lord. I have been encouraged by their strong faith in the Lord. In the last six months I can see the spiritual growth in their lives. Some have come to me and said, “Pastor, even though we have a small number of believers, what we are believing is true. We walk in the truth and light. We do not believe in the story, custom, myths, or any knowledge that is made by man.” Moreover, I give thanks to God that the new believer (Mr. Ton) can keep the Sabbath day every week. And he always says to me that his eyes are now open to see the Lord more and more. He confessed that now-a-days he does not care much about anything on this earth. He only prays that God will lead his life until he meets Him. Whenever I hear this kind of word I am really happy to serve and teach them. I will continue to feed spiritual food to them until they can stand up and walk in the Lord well.

Here we have some prayer requests:

  1. Please pray for the opening of hearts for the gospel in Cambodia.
  2. Pray for the spiritual growth in the knowledge of  God in all believers.
  3. Pray for the evangelism events in each village that Mr. Srong has been doing every week.
  4. Pray for the good health of each of the church members.
  5. Pray for the blessing of Christianity in Cambodia so that they can support their pastor or church leader on their own, by God’s grace.

— Mr. Touch Am

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