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Southerland Prayer Letter (February 2019)

Dear Friends,                                          

I want to thank you for partnering with me in the ministry of sending missionaries to take the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ next door and around the world.

The questions I’m asked most lately are “How is Kelly doing?” and “How are things coming along with the transition to PMU?”  These questions are not only the most common concerns of our friends and family, but they also represent two of the biggest things of the year so far.

In my last letter I shared that Kelly had a cancerous tumor removed and had begun chemo therapy.  I’m thrilled to share that January 29th was her last treatment.  She is now getting through the aftermath of that treatment and is on the mend.  We both continue to be astounded by the Lord’s goodness to her through the treatments.  Nausea was almost completely absent and, while chemo is no fun AT ALL, Kelly fared very, very well, and we are sure it is because our Lord answered your prayers for her and the rest of our family.  We have been upheld and blessed by you all! 

To answer the second question- “How are things coming along with the transition to PMU?”— I’m glad you asked!  Things are indeed “coming along.”  I continue to learn more and more about what it takes to help potential missionaries get moving toward the field, and the work it takes to support them so they can work effectively on the field.  As you can imagine, there is a lot to take in.

An encouraging development has been the hiring of two ladies to serve in the office in Cincinnati.  Jennifer Hutchinson will take on the Office Manager responsibility and has already begun as the Assistant to Karen Pine, the current Office Manager.  Lydia Frank will serve as the Publication Specialist.  Both ladies bring a love for the Lord and missions that will be a great help to our missionaries as these ladies put their skills to work with PMU. 

In the next three months I expect to be visiting several of our BP Churches.  I’m looking forward to meeting with God’s people to encourage them as we strive together in proclaiming the Lord’s glorious name in all the earth. 

Lastly, I’m continuing to raise support.  I want to be careful to thank you for your prayerful support.  Your prayers meet the needs my family and I have in every area of life.  Most needs are not needs financial support can address.  This means your prayers truly are the best way for you to support us!  But, of course, there are also financial needs as well.  Currently, we are just about 54% of the way to our monthly, pledged support goal for my support.  If you’d like to support financially, you can do that at

Thank you for remembering our family and the work the Lord is doing through PMU!

By His Grace,

Casey Southerland

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