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New elder

Liu Prayer Letter (February 2019)

Dear PMU Supporters,

May mercy and peace and love be multiplied to you! 

Greetings to you from Minne-SNOW-ta! According to the Minnesotans, we should be thankful for the four seasons here in our great northern state. These four seasons are: almost winter, winter, still winter (the season we are currently in now), and road construction.  In the past few weeks, we have had record low temperatures and also heavy snow.  

Our family is doing well.  Melissa is continuing to serve on the local community district board, which has been a good way to keep her ear to the ground about happenings in our neighborhood and city. She also assists with many of the administrative tasks that help to keep a church plant moving along. Timothy as a ten year-old has officially entered in pre-teen or “tween” years.  He enjoys reading fiction, practicing classical guitar, playing with his baby sister for short stretches, and training in mixed martial arts with his dad.  Hannah is nine months-old and is a very active little girl. She has been crawling for over two months and has been cruising for several weeks. She likes to sample the food that we are eating and is definitely carnivorous.

Thank you for your faithful support over the last few months. There is much to update on what has been happening here in the Twin Cities.

In early January, a member and dear friend, a 46 year-old brother, died suddenly in his sleep. We celebrated his life at his memorial service and were promptly reminded about the brevity and fragility of life. God is the one who sustains life, and no one will live a day longer or a day shorter than what God has planned for him.

At the end of January, the session of Grace BPC of Cincinnati, OH, our overseeing session, ordained and installed Mr. Wayne Kanis as ruling elder at Cornerstone. He is our first ruling elder in the short life of the church plant, and a welcome answer to our prayers. Wayne was an ordained ruling elder before in the CRCNA years ago. Though he is in his early eighties, he is brave enough and ambitious enough to accept the call to serve as a ruling elder in a church plant. Wayne is well-respected and loved by those in the congregation.

Thank you for your prayers especially this month, as there were two outreach opportunities for Cornerstone. On Wednesday evening, February 6th, Cornerstone and Concordia Academy (our landlords, a Missouri Synod Lutheran school) hosted a showing of Screenagers, a documentary about the epidemic of screen addictions, especially among the younger generations. Over 100 people from Concordia families, homeschooling groups, and the community showed up to watch the show and to listen to the panel discussion afterwards. A good half of the people lingered to talk and meet people from the church. Then on Thursday morning, February 7th, I had the opportunity to preach at the alternate chapel service of a local Christian university. It was a great occasion to meet some students and a few professors and administrators. In both events, contacts were made which hopefully will lead to some longer term relationships.  

Our members have a growing desire to bear witness of the gospel to others and sense a need for greater boldness in doing so. Please pray for our faithful witness in the Twin Cities! 

Blessings in Christ,

Frank Liu

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