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Fellowship covenant BP mission

Yong Prayer Letter (March 2019)

Dear Brethren in Christ,

By your support and prayers, my family has been continuously serving Covenant BP mission. We are experiencing daily the blessings from our Lord. Last November, on our wedding anniversary, God gave us a beautiful daughter, Sarah. We gave her the middle name Gibbeum, which means Joy in Korean. Just like her Korean name, Sarah gives joy every day to Jin, her two brothers, and me. In the meantime, both  grandmothers were able to come from Korea and share the joy with us. I am thankful for the grace of the Lord who builds our family beautifully. The more I receive blessings, the more set my mind is to serve Him through serving other families to grow beautifully in the Lord.

Recently I heard a shocking and heartbreaking story from a Christian lady who attends our  Christian family seminar. When she was moving from Dallas to Tacoma, people said to her “Are you moving to Tacoma to get a divorce?” In the Korean community, Tacoma is known as a city with many broken families. In fact, I’ve seen more divorced or remarried families in Tacoma recently than ever before.

“It is not by might nor by the power of man, but the Spirit of God who restores life, family, church, and state.”

I have recently been counseling a Christian couple who are suffering considerably from constant suspicion of spousal affairs, even though the suspected spouse confesses that there is no shame in that part before God. Another  Christian couple, whom I counsel, is in a complicated situation due to the relationship of grown stepchildren on both sides since they remarried several years ago. While working with these families, in the providence of God, close family members also separated very recently because their trust was broken, and they could not communicate with each other. It is said that the person who experiences cancer has a better understanding of the cancer patient than the person who does not. Our High Priest, the Lord, has also been tempted in all points so that He sympathizes with our weaknesses (Hebrews 4:15). Likewise, as I have this problem in my close family, I have more understanding and sympathy for the broken families near me.

I recently had the opportunity to redefine the goal statement of Covenant mission for the PMU Church Planting map. There is a phrase, “Shepherding Korean-Americans to stand firm in the Word of God.” As I shepherd others and live my own life, I learn more and more that God’s Word is the only hope of man. Firm faith in God’s Word is the key and power to restore a broken family relationship. Sins of man break down life and family, but Jehovah God builds the house and guards the city (Ps. 127:1). Because of the many sins of Israel, the temple and city of Jerusalem were destroyed by Babylon. But after 70 years of captivity, when God’s promised time came, He miraculously restored Jerusalem. It is not by might nor by the power of man, but the Spirit of God who restores life, family, church, and state. I pray through this ministry many Christian Korean families can be sanctified by the Spirit of God and His Word of truth.

We know how desperately an “unsaved loved one” makes us pray to God. And in the end, I realize that the “unsaved loved ones” are not only just our family members but all our neighbors who do not yet believe in Christ. Tacoma seems to have much in common with the sinful port city of Corinth. I pray that many people and families will be called out from Tacoma, who are “washed, sanctified, and justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.” (1 Cor. 6:11) I pray the Spirit of Christ, the King of Righteousness and Peace, will be upon the Korean-American community of Tacoma.

Sincerely in Christ,

Rev. Myungjoong Andy Yong

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