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first service Atonement

Providence and Humility by Mr. Jason Waeber (Banner 5/19)

God is good, and the secret to contentment is resting in the provision which He has made for us in His sovereignty. What is required of us is faithful service, and the results are left to Him alone. While we may, and indeed must, in a sense, have plans, it is God who decides how they will turn out (Proverbs 16:9).

I say all this to give context to the launch of our church plant. Our first service was on Easter Sunday, and, as you can see, it was quite well attended. It has been very encouraging to me, throughout this process, to have so many folks at Grace BPC who are willing to stand behind the work that we’re doing not just in word, but also in deed. The service itself went quite well, and as the month has gone, we’ve really been able to figure out the nuts and bolts of how to run our services. I personally feel that I am gaining confidence with leading the service, and have been very encouraged by much of the feedback about our somewhat more structured approach to the order of worship.

This all being said, the response from the community has not been as strong or immediate as we (or at least I) had hoped or expected. We’ve yet to have someone who is not connected to Grace BPC in some capacity actually come to one of our services. We have had some of the folks from Milford at our Tuesday night Bible study and have had some good conversations with folks around the neighborhoods, but we haven’t yet been able to turn that corner with the actual church services. We know that God will provide whatever He intends, but through all this, He has been teaching me to be content, resting in Him for that provision.

In the lead up to this church plant, I read a blog article entitled, “Why We Need Anonymous, Plodding Church Planters.” The title basically says it all. It is good that the ministers of God be humble men, committed to the work because of the God who commissioned the work, not because of the honor which it grants them. Please pray for us, as we continue this work, that God would call more workers to the fields and provide a great harvest, but also that He would keep His harvesters humble. He will provide; let us be content in His provision.

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