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Brazail Sola property

Leaman Prayer Letter (May 2019)

Dear Family in Christ,

We have been thinking of using the name “Sola ministries” for the ministry project here in Brazil. The only problem is that “Sola” means “the bottom of your shoe” in Portuguese. So, we are thinking about changing the name to the Latin phrase the Reformers used: “Projeto Sola Dei Gloria.”

More important than the name is what the ministry project seeks to accomplish. Let me try and briefly explain what has transpired over the past couple of years.

Over the past six years working with biblical counseling in Brazil we have seen the need that leaders often have to receive counsel. Elders in the church are under a constant attack from the forces of darkness and often they have no where to go. We would like to create a quiet place to receive these men and their families and to listen to them and counsel them in hopes that God will restore them to ministry.

A second aspect of the project is to focus on training men for biblical counseling. The cost of training is prohibitive for many, but because God has provided a property, we can offer this training at a significantly reduced cost. One example of the need is the many missionaries who help lead churches but who are not ordained pastors. This is still common in Brazil because of the difficulty to get ordained men to go to remote regions that are usually poverty stricken. These missionaries need further training and biblical counseling is one area that would help them in their ministry context.

A third component of the project is the responsibility to steward a splendid piece of property.  This land can be used to house these ministries because it already has a dining area and dormitories. Broken pastors can stay on the property and receive ministry training and counseling. Also, the property can be available for churches to rent for their special activities such as camp ministries and evangelistic activities. The expectation is that the land will be self-sustaining and possibly even help some men by subsidizing the training costs.

We need prayer that “Sola” can be set up quickly and that we can get moved to Aldeia as soon as possible. One of the challenges for the ministry has been the lack of beds. The Leaman boys have been learning to weld and have already fabricated close to 15 triple bunk beds. We need to make around 30 more. Anyone want to come weld?!

May the Lord bless you and thank you for your prayers and support.

Rev. Doug E. Leaman

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