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June, 2019 Prayer Letter from Dr. Len Pine

Dear Faithful Friends,

Greetings to you all in the love of Jesus. God has been so good to us in sending us partners like you through the years to encourage us and keep us going in every way. And though the Pines’ tour of duty with PMU will soon come to a close, I have no doubt that our partnership with you will not end. The way the partnership manifests itself will change in some degree, of course, but we are still in lockstep for the Kingdom together!

What will remain the same:

  • We will continue to pray for one another. I know that you, our long-time supporters, have enfolded us into your hearts, as we have you. A change in employment makes no difference in that department! We look forward to keeping in touch, and sharing one another’s burdens.
  • We will continue to encourage each other. This encouragement comes now through phone calls, cards, personal visits, social media posts, and hospitality. Nothing there that has to stop, right?
  • We will continue to share the same burden for the expansion of Christ’s Church. In addition to the personal sharing of that burden through the means mentioned above, there is also the corporate aspect of bearing the burden through our churches. Our church here in Idaho is on board the missions train, and we are not getting off. Together we will strive to see the advancement of the testimony of Christ in word and deed in and through our Presbyteries and Synod.

What will change:

  • Karen and I will no longer be the points of contact and information for PMU. This may take a little getting used to (for us, too!), but the PMU “front porch” to the BPC is moving to Ohio in August! So, if you call us out of habit after that about some PMU-related matter, we’ll have a great visit to catch up, and then give you the new office phone number or email address.
  • We will not be traveling as much among the churches. I will truly miss this aspect of the ministry. Therefore, those other means of keeping in touch we have talked about will become all the more important, along with our times of fellowship at Presbytery and Synod.
  • Your financial support will take on a new focus. Once I step down in August, PMU will not be raising funds for our account any longer, naturally. I would strongly urge you to transfer your support of the office of the Field Director to the new FD, Pastor Casey Southerland. He needs the same kind of partnership in his new endeavors that has allowed me to thrive in mine! I would also include the General Fund in this thought, since it is from that fund that Karen has been paid. The office staff taking her place are looking to that fund to supply their needs as well…and there are three wonderful people in Ohio that will soon be taking on those duties, Jennifer Hutchinson (Office Manager), Lydia Frank (Publications), and Tom Wright (Bookkeeping). Do not be worried for Karen and me; the Lord has taken care of us all this time incredibly, and He will continue to do so.

So, dear Friends, do keep us in your prayers as we figure out life after PMU in the months to come. What a blessing it has been to labor with you in missions, and how exciting it is to see what the Lord will do with us here in Idaho in the years to come as He tarries in His coming. Soli Deo Gloria!

For the Kingdom,

Len Pine




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