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Southerland Prayer Letter (June 2019)

Dear Friends,

I trust this letter finds you well.

In the past few months the Lord has taken my family to several churches and allowed us to meet many brothers and sisters in the Lord.  The family joined me on a tour of churches in Florida, and I had the opportunity to visit churches in Idaho and Montana.

As I’ve been sharing the ministry of PMU and her missionaries, I’ve also been able to speak on the song all creation is called to sing in Psalm 96.  It’s the song that declares the good news of the LORD’s salvation to all the nations!  What a joy it has been to rejoice with the Lord’s people over the salvation we have in Jesus Christ and partner together to spread the glory of His salvation to every nation.

Recently, there has been rejoicing of another kind in the new location of the PMU Office in Cincinnati.  Many things have come together in the past month: the office has been painted by members of Grace BPC, additional electrical outlets have been installed, a dedicated router is now providing internet and phone service, and the desks (purchased for $20-30 each from the 15th floor of a high-rise downtown!) have now been installed.  The room is ready, and the work is underway!

On the family front, I am happy to report that Kelly is doing well.  You can see in the picture from Mother’s Day that she’s feeling good.  She has had blood drawn and will go for a follow-up appoint in late June to see how her cancer markers look.  Please join us in praying all is clear.

One other big item of family news was the recent graduation of our third-born, Lucas.  This means three out of our six children have now graduated from high school!  Kelly and I marvel at how the Lord has gifted each of our children with gifts, talents, and various interests.  Please pray for them as they learn to use their gifts for the glory of the Lord.

I would also ask for your prayers and consideration of our support raising efforts.  The Lord is faithful to provide for us.  We are confident of this.  Nonetheless, looking at our needs moving into August, as I begin my “full” part time work with PMU, our level of monthly support raised is 45%.  Would you consider partnering with us as a monthly supporter?  Your gift enables me to serve the Lord by helping missionaries get to the field and support them in their work with PMU.  Every donor is a big encouragement, whatever the size of the gift.

The gospel opportunities are all around us!  I hope you will be able to tell someone about the good news of the Lord’s salvation very soon!

Thank you for your prayers, support, and partnership in the work of the Lord Jesus Christ!

By His grace,

Casey Southerland

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