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Myanmar Prayer Letter (July 2019)

Dear Beloved Prayer Partners,

It is hard to believe that we are already at the middle of the year now. Time is flying. Thank you so much for your unceasing and tireless prayer support for me and the mission work in Myanmar. We appreciate you as we are witnessing the fruits of your prayers.

In May we started a new church planting work in the Shan state. This means we have two new church planting works going this year – one in Yangon led by Mr. Peka and the other at Keng Hkam in Shan state led by Mr. Kyaw. We thank God for this. Please pray for these church planters so that the Lord may give them the power and wisdom they need for the ministry.

The orphanage children are doing well; we have 29 children. Please pray for them that the Lord  will keep them healthy, especially pray that God will protect them all from the H1N1 flu virus know as Swine Flu. It is reported that hundreds of people, especially in the Yangon area, are already affected, and more than a dozen have died already.

Please continue to pray for the Thinglei BP church in Chin State. The session still cannot find a preacher who will take over the place of Mr. Lal Biak Kima, the preacher who left the church last year. The church really needs a good preacher and capable leader.

Finally, please pray for our country as Myanmar is struggling to rebuild and find peace. The religious as well as the political tensions are high; the refugee crisis is still unsolved; civil wars are unending. Please pray for peace and safety for the refugees. Please pray for our leaders that they actually make progressive changes for the country.

Thank you and may God bless you all!

Rev. Khawl Ro Kim


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