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2019, 11 Douma family (sm web)

Douma Prayer Letter (November 2019)

Dear Friends,

Greetings in the Lord from Unionville, New York! To know this letter (or email) is going out to over 300 friends, family, and supporters is encouraging to us. We think of you often and are thankful for the opportunity to be in contact with you. Because the Lord has led us to various locations for work and ministry opportunities we have friends in many locations, and though living away from family is hard, knowing we have many connections around the country and the world is a blessing. As I (Priscilla) write this, I am sitting in our kitchen, sipping coffee, while Doug does some vacuuming. (Yes, a man who vacuums!) Maple is playing at the home of a retired couple from our church this morning to allow me time to write. I hope you’ll enjoy reading about our past year, learning about our goals for 2020, and even ways you can help.

We have a one year old! Maple is walking, loves time outside, enjoys “helping” mama in the kitchen, and is a joy to us every day! She is a well-traveled girl too—13 states and counting. We have recently begun reviewing the first few Children’s Catechism questions with her and regularly sing hymns together at home.

We moved to New York state in April for Doug to accept a call to pastor First Presbyterian Church at Unionville, as well as to be near the beloved Appalachian Trail. Our home and church are just 0.5 miles off trail! Early May until mid Oct we regularly saw AT hikers in our village and had the opportunity to host many of them in our home and at our church. There is much that we miss about being in NC, but trust God has brought us here for “such a time as this.”

We bought our first home! This house is 99 years old and needs a lot of work. (Surprise!) Some of it we’re doing ourselves; some with the help of friends or volunteers. But there are a few projects that are beyond our scope and we will need to hire professionals. This house is slowly becoming our home, but also is becoming Sola’s home—and that means it is becoming a place of community and hospitality. Those qualities very much require a mind-shift—seeing this not as my home to have the way I want it and instead asking the Lord to help us steward this place He has given us and generously share it with others (AT hikers, travelers, friends, family, etc).

We are now working under a new sending agency, Presbyterian Missionary Union (PMU). Sola joined PMU in July. Please note the new instructions for donating at the end of this letter. Doug and I are excited for their involvement in helping us with the mission of Sola Appalachian Christian Retreat.

Ways to be involved with Sola

  1. Keep up to date with us on social media
      • Like our Facebook page @solaRetreat and follow along for occasional updates.
  2. Lend a hand
      • We are looking for volunteers to help over the winter to prepare for the 2020 hiker season. We can also use helpers during the summer to serve alongside us in various ways as we help hikers, cook food, clean, and share the love of Christ. Contact us if you are interested or would like to learn more! Email us at:
  3. Partner in prayer
      • Pray for those we meet through the ministry of Sola, and for us as well.
  4. Donate financially
      • Now that we are in the field, we are especially looking for regular supporters. While Doug is working bi-vocationally as a pastor of a small church, his salary is small and we continue to raise funds for this mission work. We need regular supporters, as well as one-time gifts. We would be blessed to have:
          • 2 more donors at $200/month
          • 5 more donors at $100/month
          • 5 more donors at $50/month

Will you consider joining us as a financial supporter?


With joy in the Lord,

-Banzai, Hot Drinks, and Maplecakes
(Doug, Priscilla, and Maple)

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