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Leaman Prayer Letter (February 2020)

Dear Friends,

Leah and I were invited to participate in a wedding towards the end of January in Sao Paulo. It has been a busy year and we thought it would be wise to get some time away with our family. The idea was to load up the van and drive the distance of almost two thousand miles to see the beautiful bride. Along the way, we would stop and visit pastors and Christian friends as we made the journey. It would be great for the family to get to better know this country where God has placed us as missionaries.

As we winded our way through the country, we stopped in each state and we stayed with a family. Usually, on the next day we would visit the main sites of that region. We saw parts of Brazil that we did not know existed and the boys had an amazing time. On the weekends I was invited to preach the gospel in the cities where we stayed.

We know that hospitality is a Christian virtue taught in God’s Word (1 Tim 5:10; I Tim. 1:8; 1 Pet. 4:8-9; Acts 16:33-34; Matt. 25:42-46; Rom. 12:13). Usually we, as missionaries, expect to be hospitable but I must brag on the Brazilian Christians. They received all 9 of us with amazing hospitality. We ate home-made meals and washed our clothes and slept on mattresses and beds in the homes of God’s people. We did not need to pay for one hotel and hardly any meals.

We stayed with some people who were relatively poor and others who had an abundance. Each one gave according to what they could and we enjoyed rest and the fruits of God’s love through His people. It was a small reminder of what heaven will be like when we will all enjoy unfettered fellowship, love and kindness.

As we reflect back on this trip, we will remember the Chapada da Diamantia in Bahia State. We will remember the beauty of the bay in Rio de Janeiro. We will remember the vast coffee fields and lush mountain passes that seem to cover much of Brazil. We will definitely remember Rebekah, the beautiful bride that was married to Victor. The bride, however, that will most stand out in our minds is the bride of Christ. We saw that although she is imperfect, her husband is washing her and making her beautiful and strong. We tasted from the fruit of her hands and we are grateful for all the hospitality that we enjoyed in each home and with each family and church represented. Praise the Lord with us for the body of Christ in Brazil that is growing in the grace and steadfast love of her Husband.


Soli Deo Gloria,

The Leaman family

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