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Southerland Prayer Letter (March 2020)

Dear Partner for the Glory of Christ,

The past few months have been very busy for me with work all over the Lord’s Kingdom.  Your prayers and faithful support for my family, and for me personally, have been a gift from the Lord.  The Lord has used your prayers to strengthen us during difficult stretches in the three months since my last letter, but the Lord has also granted remarkable joy during this time.

December and January included trips to Myanmar and Peru as Field Director.  In between these trips was our church’s Winter Youth Conference which was from December 26 –29, just before I left with Team Timothy on January 3 for two weeks of ministry in Peru.  The focus of each of these ministries were very different.  The preparation for each brought their own challenges but the Lord is mighty, faithful, and demonstrated His strength in my weakness once again.  Let me share with you a brief glimpse of each of the works in Myanmar and Peru.

In Myanmar, I was joined by Dr. Kevin Backus, who serves as the Assistant Field Director to Myanmar.  He has been working in Myanmar for more than 12 years, training young men for ministry and working with Rev. Khawl Ro Kima.  Rev. Kima is the pastor of the Yangon Bible Presbyterian Church, which is planting several churches throughout the country.  Dr. Backus and Rev. Kima provided a thorough introduction to the country, culture and work of the churches on that mission field.  I was most impressed by the young men and their high level of dedication to the work which has been proven over years and thriving now.  In the next few years, I anticipate we will see a presbytery begin to form as these men are ordained and the church plants take on the structure of established churches with a minister and elders.

The ministry in Peru with Team Timothy was filled with new and blessed relationships.  Dr. Len Pine and  I led a team of 12, with members from five states around the US, most of who met each other for the first time in the airport in Miami.  United around a commitment to the mission laid out for us, our team of twelve individuals became a unit quickly.  We hit the ground running and really did not stop until we boarded the plane for home 13 days later.  Our work was to encourage a group of churches in and around Iquitos and to proclaim the gospel in the villages of Sapuena and Flor de Castaña.  These villages are past the mouth of the Amazon on the Ucayali River.  The hospitality of the saints in Peru was wonderful and a team of them quickly became partners in ministry with Team Timothy.  This led to a joyful and fruitful ministry that far overshadowed discomfort and strangeness of life in an Amazonian Village.  We are praying the Lord continues to produce much fruit from the ministry in Peru.

Thank you for taking an interest in Kelly and my family and this ministry the Lord has called us to.  While I am the Field Director, were it not for the support and sacrifice of Kelly and our children, serving the Lord with PMU would not be possible.  I am humbled and grateful for the abounding steadfast love and faithfulness our Lord pours out in my life and ministry.

By His Grace,
Casey Southerland


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