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2020, 6 Leaman Cousins, cropped

Leaman Prayer Letter (June 2020)

Dear Friends,

We would love to be able to reflect upon the tranquil beauties of the Grand Canyon or the exotic red cliffs of St. George, Utah and the other scenes we came across from Miami to Seattle on this furlough journey.  The political, social, and especially the religious landscape of America, however, is noteworthy.  America, Brazil, and the world are changing rapidly and an idolatrous revolution seems to be playing out across the major cities of the world.

We live in historic times and the rebellion, violence, and chaos we see going on in the streets certainly demonstrates pervasive spiritual blindness. The inflamed passions and political disorganization could remind one of the times preceding the French Revolution. Cultural Marxism, secular liberalism and their utopian vision for man’s salvation apart from Jesus Christ are lacing up the black boots. These ideologies have been seething for decades and have taken control of the educational institutions in both countries. Now, these ideologies have finally boiled over into explosive outburst.

Man, made in the image of God and for His glory, has become rebellious and the consequence, currently, is social terror.  In a matter of weeks, we have seen the death of George Floyd, the rise of a financially-backed international political movement called “Black Lives Matter,” riots, curfews and a virus that has closed churches and locked people down across the globe.  The toll on Brazil is even worse.  The food shortage and panic could turn into massive rioting and looting which has already begun in Brazil.

Those who have a messianic vision for world peace and prosperity apart from the true Messiah are taking advantage of the opportunity.  The intellectuals speak of the need for global solidarity and cooperation and call upon science and reason to save humanity while the more popular voices call for defunding the police, tearing down historic statues and making “autonomous” zones in major cities.  This chaos gives the state a window of opportunity to take more control over the lives of citizens.  Freedom is in peril and that includes the freedom to worship God and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Two religions are in mortal combat.  One of these religions proclaims the wisdom and autonomy of man and the other declares the glory and grace of God.  One religion uses enticing words based on human reason alone and the other understands that reason must be based upon the life-redeeming word of the cross that brings salvation to all who are called by His name.

As always, God’s people need the fear of the Lord and wisdom to know how to speak and act. Please pray for missionaries and for God’s people in general, that we may soak ourselves with thinking based upon the Word of God. Please pray that we can be courageous and wise as we take refuge in Him. Please pray that we can be a people of reconciliation as we proclaim the gospel and as we call on all men to “Kiss the Son” so that His wrath will not be soon kindled.  


Soli Deo Gloria,
The Leaman family

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