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Waeber Prayer Letter (May 2020)

Dear Friends,

We do not usually get to see why the Lord sends upon us the trials that He does, but often we get some glimpse of the reason in the aftermath.  With the outbreak of Covid-19, we saw almost all of the ministry and outreach opportunities which we were pursuing in Lockland come to a halt, just at the point when we were starting to see some of those efforts bear fruit.  We have hopes that many of them will be able to recover once the lockdown begins to ease, but at this time, we’ve largely been forced to concentrate on existing members of the body, rather than upon outreach.

One pronounced blessing which we have already seen, even before we’ve been able to resume services in any real capacity, has been a growing hunger for the gathered worship of the church. Our position during the lockdown has been that, if we can’t have an in-person Sunday service, we don’t necessarily want to do a simulated worship service over the internet. We want to acknowledge that God has providentially prevented us from coming together for this season, so we want to accept that and try to worship as well as we can separately.  To that end, I’ve provided a weekly worship guide, as well as a recorded sermon for the congregation to use as it is helpful. We have had twice weekly meetings (Sundays and Wednesday) over Zoom to chat, catch-up, pray, discuss sermon and study materials, etc…. The meetings have been well attended, and I have seen the genuine desire for gathered worship growing among the folks at those meetings. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” isn’t a scriptural parable, but it does possess a degree of truth.

Given our small size, we are looking at options for gathering which might permit us to come together even before it would be feasible for many larger churches. Until then, please pray that we would find outlets for the growing energy within the congregation during lockdown. We hope that our growing restlessness is truly desire to do the work of the kingdom, rather than simply cabin fever.

As for my family, we are all doing well. Our children are homeschooled anyway, so while lockdown has definitely put a damper on our social life and ministry, our home has continued to function more-or-less as it usually does. The kids and Libby have all been happy to have Daddy around more than usual, and I’ve certainly enjoyed having a chance to be more involved and aware of their lives during this season.

Grace and peace,
Rev. Jason Waeber

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