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Yong Prayer Letter (June 2020)

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We were able to resume worship services in the church last week.  When I wrote a prayer letter in January, I didn’t realize that the Coronavirus would prevent the church from gathering and worshiping for months.  However, for about three months, all church meetings were banned in Washington State.

Of course, we are certain that even this situation is under God’s providence and sovereignty.  I believe God has a message to our church through this situation, although the interpretations may vary.  Currently, it is difficult to predict clearly what will happen to the church in the “post-Corona world.”  However, it seems difficult to avoid the expectation that it will be a tough and unfavorable situation for the church.

As a church planter and as a missionary of the gospel, I would like to address the difficulties I faced over the past three months and ask you for prayer.  After that, I would like to praise God’s grace with you by telling you of the ways God blessed our church even under these adverse circumstances.

First of all, the biggest difficulty I faced during the Covid-19 epidemic is that most of those who come to our worship service have not yet had strong faith in Jesus.  Believers, who are devoted members of a church with firm faith, are facing challenges to their faith.  But what about the condition of those for whom the seeds of the gospel fell by the wayside, on rock, or among thorns?  This situation is favorable for Satan to take away the seeds of the gospel.  The social distancing limits people, in many ways, from contact with the gospel and evangelists.  The chaotic situation during these times provides temptation and causes anxiety due to the love of riches and pleasure.  I hope there will be a situation soon where people can come to church and listen to the gospel freely and without worry.  I also pray that God will preserve the seeds of the gospel that have been sown so far.

On the other hand, despite these adverse conditions, praise be to God who sent us new families.  The family who I introduced in the last prayer letter, now worships with us.  They haven’t been to church for years.  However, with your prayers and the grace of God, they decided to start their life in faith again.  I realize that I should be ready in season and out of season to preach the Word.  Another family is my cousin’s family who moved to Tacoma in March.  They confessed that they realized the importance of the Lord’s Day and the joy of fellowship among saints which they had not known in Korea because they lived a busy life.  Through this situation, I also realize that faithfully keeping the Sabbath day holy and joyful is a powerful indicator of God’s people.

I sincerely thank all of you for your prayer and support for church planting work of Covenant Bible Presbyterian Mission.  I believe that the grace of God, which has been with our church so far, will continue to be with us.  I pray to God for the wellbeing of your family in Jesus and the safety and blessings of your church.

Myungjoong Andy Yong 

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