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children at orphanage group, edited

Positive Effects of the Pandemic by Rev. Khawl Ro Kima (Aug/Sept 2020 Banner)

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on our lives, our communities, our country and our world. People have suffered and died, economies have been destroyed, businesses have gone bankrupt and people have lost their jobs, churches and schools are closed, social interaction limited or prohibited and large gatherings of all sorts are illegal. But the pandemic has also brought some unexpected blessings, such as:

1. Cleaner environment:
The world is cleaner than ever before.

2. Time with family:
People are getting to spend much more time with their families than usual.

3. Increased appreciation for things we took for granted:
For instance, the privilege of going to church or school, being able to eat out, hanging out with friends, and even simple acts like shaking someone’s hand, are common things we take for granted.

4. Renewed interest in God and the Christian faith:
More people are spending their time with God in prayer and Bible reading.

These are just some examples and there are more blessings. One of the unexpected blessings in Myanmar is that God is using the pandemic to open a way for the official registration of our orphanage home.

Since the 1960s, Christian and Islamic groups have had difficulty getting official registration for their organization and ministries. Christians cannot buy land or build new churches or even open bank accounts under the name of their religious organizations.

As a preventative action against COVID-19, the government is now considering how to deal with the unregistered orphanage homes run by Christians and other religious groups.  They are considering giving official registration if the orphanage home has enough space (land), building, facilities and financial resources.  But the orphanage homes that do not meet the qualifications may not be able to continue their work.

The government has visited our orphanage home. The good news is that they offer hope for future registration. This means we may continue running the orphanage ministry. The process of registration may take a long time and there are some demands we must meet.  Under God’s providence, all things work together for our good (Romans 8:28). His providential hand is unfailing even in this global pandemic.

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