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Our street on a Saturday, edited

Waeber Prayer Letter (September 2020)

Dear Friends,

“Where there are no oxen, the manger is clean, but abundant crops come by the strength of the ox.” —Proverbs 14:4

It has been a challenging month, but by the grace of God, our work is going forward in genuinely dramatic and new ways. We have finally started to see some of the fruit that we have been pursuing in our Saturday ministries, reaching out into the community. One individual visited us several weeks ago, and through his various relationships in the community, we’ve come into contact with at least a dozen or so new faces we had never met before. Many of these folks have consistently attended services, we’ve had one conversion, and several are actively pursuing membership in the church. God is good.

Along with all the excitement which comes with new faces and new relationships comes the reality that many of these folks are facing extremely difficult conditions and real physical need. Bringing new folks into fellowship, especially when it comes in waves like we’ve seen in the last couple weeks, means coming to terms with a whole host of new challenges all at the same time. We are forced to bring the gospel to bear on situations which we barely understand, while trusting that the Lord can bring hope to real despair. It is one thing to know that the Lord will support us when we are tried; it is another to actually, viscerally experience that trial and His sustaining grace.

Please be in fervent prayer for these new additions to the church. As the parable of the sower tells us, not all eager conversions are deeply rooted conversions, and in a hard mission field, it is tempting to credit much to faith before it has been truly tried. Many of these folks, however, are actively in the middle of very intense trials, and the nature of their newly planted faith is likely to be shown, either way, quite soon. Pray that the Lord would sustain them and cause the roots of their faith to reach down and draw up the waters of Christ.

Grace and peace,
Rev. Jason Waeber

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