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2020, 11 Leaman September counseling course

Leaman Prayer Letter (October 2020)

Dear friends,

We are now in the middle of October and it has been a flurry of activity since arriving back from the USA in September. The first responsibility was to get the house and home back under control both cleaning the literal (lodo) sludge (a black dirty substance that accumulates on the physical structure because of the humidity and foliage in Aldeia) and the mental sludge after a few months off from homeschool. Thankfully, my Leah took charge and now things are in full swing again.

In the past month there have been courses to teach with The Presbyterian Seminary of the North (SPN), The Northern Biblical Seminary, The International College of Reformed Theology (FITREF) and classes at our own Project Soli Deo Gloria. In addition to preaching and lecturing online, an extremely active month of counseling has kept us busy. Sadly, the lockdown has served as a catalyst to bring sinful living to the fore for some marriages. Special love and attention has been required with the counseling ministry. I have not been able to find the time to organize homeschool teaching which includes English grammar/writing and Greek. I believe, however, that the boys rejoice behind my back at this “opportunity” for them. Please pray that I can get into a routine that will allow me to accomplish these basic responsibilities. Thankfully, Leah is staying on top of everything else.

One way we enjoy serving as a family is on the property. Eugenio does a great job taking care of the physical land, but many acres of land and buildings require a lot of effort. The Leaman boys go down to the Soli Deo Gloria property a few times a week for a couple of hours and lend a helping hand. We want to thank Plainfield Bible Church for purchasing a beautiful riding mower which helps us save a lot of time compared to pushing a mower through many acres of grass. Other equipment like a blower, chain saw and pressure washer have simply made our lives better and much more efficient.

As you may remember, every year Brazil has a massive street festival called Carnival. Sadly, it has turned into a world-wide dumping ground for prostitution and homosexuality. Generally, the churches enjoy a moment away from the city for special lectures and a time together as a church family so the Project Soli Deo Gloria has plans to do our own camp in the early months of 2021 with the theme: Christian Worldview in Practice. Some have already signed up and we hope to be able to fill the place for the camp.

The whole year of 2020 has been a down year as far as events on the grounds of Soli Deo Gloria because of the lockdown even though I have had more online “lives” and “zooms” than I ever could have imagined possible just a year ago. As things begin to open up, the activities also will begin again. The first organized activity on the property will be a father and son night of survival in the woods. Two military men from the church will be leading the survival skills training on October 23-24th and I will be speaking to the men on Biblical masculinity from Gen. 2:15. The event filled up quickly and we had to let people know that there was no more space available. It seems like this kind of event struck a chord for the Brazilian Christians near Recife.

Please pray that these events will be fruitful for the glory of God. Thank you for your continued prayers and service with us.


Soli Deo Gloria,

The Leaman family

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