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Youth group Christmas outreached activities (4)

Celebrating God’s Faithfulness by Rev. Khawl Ro Kima (Jan/Feb 2021 Banner)

January 15 is not only my 50th birthday but also the 14th anniversary of the Bible Presbyterian Church in Myanmar.  When I look back at my life and the history of the church, I can’t help but praise God for all that He’s done for me and for the church.

I was born as a very weak and unhealthy baby, so much so that no one was willing to give me even a name because everyone thought that I would not survive more than a few days.  Finally, an old man gave me this name: Khawl Ro Kim.  To everyone’s surprise, God preserved my life and now I am 50 years old.

In my teenage years, I lived my life without having any concern about the future, especially life after death. One day my best friend suddenly died from a high fever. At his funeral service, the preacher said that we all can face death any moment.  Death is like a blind man who cannot see whether you are young or old, rich or poor, even healthy or weak.  He just catches anyone who is on his way.  This sermon made me think seriously about my future, and I realized that I had no assurance of salvation at all.  But thank God, a team of evangelists came to my village and conducted a salvation camp.  From there I realized that I was a hopeless sinner doomed to hell, but God graciously saved me by the blood of Jesus who died for me on the cross.  I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and Lord.  It was the most joyous moment in my life.

Mawite and I got married in 1998, but we had no baby for seven years.  We prayed and prayed but nothing happened. Finally, we lost hope and started to raise spiritual children instead. We also started an orphanage home in 2005.  But to our surprise, my wife Mawite got pregnant in that year. It might seem coincidental from a human point of view, but we know that it was God’s wise plan.

The Bible Presbyterian Church was started in 2006 in Yangon like a small seed sprouting. But now we see it is growing and bearing much fruit. Three daughter churches have been planted: one in Chin state and two in Shan state. There are also other new church planting works recently started in the Yangon area.

As I remember all this, one thing I know for sure is that God is so good and faithful to us even when we are faithless and unfaithful to Him. He pours His blessings abundantly on us though He knows that we deserve none. He blesses our service unto Him even though there are many short comings. He who has been faithful to us in the past will surely be faithful in the future. Let us rejoice in the Lord and let’s serve Him with gladness and fear.

(photo caption: Christmas outreach activity for the youth at Yangon BPC)

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