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Cornerstone Toddlers January 2021

Liu Prayer Letter (February 2021)

Dear PMU supporters,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Often times, I forget to take the time to remember and thank my family for their dedication and involvement in the life of the church.  If I were a single man, the work of the ministry would be next to impossible.  Our son, Timothy, is twelve years-old and has been helping at Cornerstone with set-up and clean-up since the beginning of the church plant.  He’s the one who sees my expression when we first get to our meeting place on Sunday morning and we find things a bit, or completely, out of the ordinary.  “Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be broken,” is what he will hear me say.  Moving furniture and setting up chairs seems like a mundane task, but I must remind myself that this is just one of the means in which we serve Christ and His people.  Timothy also helps with corralling, herding, and occupying the children, whether we are at church for an extended meeting, at our home hosting others, or as guests in other people’s homes.  This involves planning ahead to bring age-appropriate games or toys and making sure that the little ones stay out of trouble or danger.  Pastor Jason Hutchinson (of Grace BPC, Cincinnati, OH) shared with me that his sons have expressed to him that they actually miss the menial work of set-up and clean-up in a church plant setting.  This was a good reminder to both Timothy and me that we should give thanks now for such a blessing from God! If anything, this is my opportunity to serve Christ with our son.

Our daughter, Hannah is 2.5 years-old and is a bundle of energy.  Many in the church have expressed their willingness to pay top dollar if we could simply bottle her energy.  She has such an earnest desire to be at church with God’s people.  When she arrives and hops out of the car, she is swinging her arms and running along the path into the church, and with a smile from ear to ear!   When I see that, I need to ask myself the hard question: am I as excited as Hannah about the worship of our Lord and fellowship with my brothers and sisters in Christ?  I certainly ought to be!

The second lesson that this teaches me is that I must love the church for what she is now, not what we hope and pray she will become.  This is a valuable reminder about loving Christ’s church, loving your spouse, loving your children, loving those you serve, etc.  Spiritual growth/maturity and sanctification are great and God-honoring duties and a necessity in the Christian life, but this should not stop you from loving those in your life as they are now and along the way.

Last but certainly not least is my wife, Melissa.  How true the Scriptures are that state: “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD.”—Proverbs 18:22.  I am indeed a blessed man!  She is the complement to me; she is strong where I am weak (if only I would take her fashion advice more often).  When in the thick of life’s struggles and hurdles, she is the one who helps me to see and reminds me of the hand of God at work.

I realize also that I’m only one of many, for there are also many in the church plant who are faithful to serve the Lord.  Often times, it is not many at once, but a few here and a few there who are able to help, but the precious few make all the difference!  Our Elder Wayne Kanis has served for two years now, and he indeed has done and is doing a good work.  Our elders from Cincinnati (Pete Gross, Phil Resnick, and Jim Roughan) have been faithful in prayer, oversight, counsel, and encouragement in the work.  There are some who have volunteered to help with set-up in the morning, and some who stay late to help clean-up after.  Some also who are diligent with handling the church finances.  There are also many who are eager to lend a helping hand and share with those in need and many who are faithful in prayer.

I thank you also, supporters from a distance, that you also are partners with us in the work of church planting. May Jesus, the Head of His Church, be glorified as we seek to build His kingdom!


Your fellow bondservant in Christ,

Frank Liu

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