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Yong Prayer Letter (February 2021)

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

One of the difficulties of church planting is that the church planter has to bear almost everything until workers are established.  Even in small groups, the church needs a variety of ministries because there are children, youth, men, women, and the elderly.

About six months have passed since we started our prayer meeting on Wednesday nights.  First, at 6pm, children and teenagers gather as Youth Group. I have been teaching the biblical truths in John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress.  Now, the children look forward to that time, calling Wednesday evening a day for Pilgrim’s Progress.  Even small children are the protagonists of the book because each one of them is walking on the same journey of faith as “Christian” in Pilgrim’s Progress.  I hope that all these children can enter the Celestial City  like “Christian” and meet their Savior, Jesus, in person.

At 7pm, I lead the adult Bible study and prayer meetings. The content of adult Bible study is the same subject that I taught the children earlier. Even the same Bible verses on the same subject apply differently to children and adults. When I see each person receive the grace they need, I see the wonder of God’s Word.

After that, the children pray together and the adults pray together. I believe it is very important to get together to share each other’s prayer concerns and to raise the common prayer requests of the church to God.  This shows everyone that God answers our prayers when we pray together and this also brings Him glory.  Even in a short period of time, God has granted many answers to our prayers.

A new ministry I am starting in 2021 is the Men’s Group.  We gather once a month and talk about the Bible while climbing the nearby mountain.  The men in this group are just getting to know the Bible, so my goal this year is to briefly explain the whole Bible to them.

One of the goals of church planting, and at the same time one of its most difficult aspects, is building male leaders.  I have been preaching the book of Acts on Sunday morning. Through it,  I am learning how difficult it was to establish churches and elders in each city. Although the apostle Paul faced many difficulties, he completed his mission to the end through God’s grace.  In our church, we hope that male believers will be raised up in the faith and become spiritual leaders in their homes and church.

In January of this year, a family and a lady in our congregation moved to a new home.  Living as immigrants, there aren’t many people around to help.  That is why the presence of the church is more precious to them.  Assembling a bed for a widow, helping with moving and some repairs of the house, all of these are the ministry of the Lord’s Church.

At the beginning of my letter, I told you that one of the challenges of church planting is that the church planter has to do almost everything until other workers are established. On the other hand, however, church planters also have the precious privilege of conducting all the ministries of the church.

I am grateful that God favors a poor servant like me and has given me the precious privilege to perform various ministries. Thank you for your prayers and support. I hope that many workers of Christ like you can be established in this planted church and that it will grow into a mature church.


Pastor Myungjoong (Andy) Yong

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