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Douma Prayer Letter (March 2021)

Greetings to all,

Thanks to all of our donors for their year-end and year-beginning donations to Sola – Appalachian Christian Retreat.  December—January is the most important time for our fundraising and we greatly  appreciate the support.

In the last few weeks we’ve had a number of people contact our mission.  This is a good indicator that the hiking season is beginning and guests are on their way.  You can now watch hundreds of Appalachian Trail thru-hikers as they record their journeys on YouTube and other sites.  Some have reached out to us already about reserving a place to stay with us when they reach Unionville.  We’ve had a few prospective volunteers contact us as well.

With the help of volunteers we plan to start gardens this Spring, and we’ve got two Korean Giant Pear trees on order to be delivered for planting as well.  We hope that such improvements to our yard will make it a nicer place for our guests.

Doug has kept busy this winter renovating our master bathroom, including tearing out a leaky shower and replacing it with a tub and tile.  At Unionville Presbyterian Church (BPC), we’ve been blessed with many visitors.  Doug has begun a sermon series on the book of Acts for the once a month evening service that we just started.  On Sunday mornings, he continues with sermons on the Exodus and a Bible Study on the Psalms.

In family news, Priscilla’s pregnancy is going well; she is now over half-way to the baby’s due date in July.  She is also researching materials to begin a young children’s Sunday school class at our church.   Maple is an active and very intelligent 2 year-old who knows the Doxology and Gloria Patri by heart and is learning to pray at the dinner table.  Our one car is likely reaching the end of its life.  We appreciate your prayers as we may be in the market soon for something newer.

Lastly, we are still looking for more volunteers for this hiker season.  If you’d like to visit and volunteer please let us know.  And if you haven’t already checked out our website, please do at   While you’re there, check out the SOLA blog!

Doug, Priscilla, and Maple
(Banzai, Hot Drinks, and Maplecakes)

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