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Leaman Prayer Letter (March 2021)

Dear Friends,

2021 promises to bring some incredible ministry opportunities for Project Soli Deo Gloria.  The first to highlight is the course we are offering in conjunction with the local church here in Aldeia.  There are over 50 students from around the nation in attendance every Thursday evening.  Most of my sons are in the class which makes this teaching opportunity extra special.  We are also filling out the future men schedule and camp schedule for 2021.

The Lord often brings blessing into our lives in ways that almost humorously demonstrate that it has nothing to do with our talents or skills.  We never imagined that one of the additional opportunities to the educational aspects of this project could have been “Soli Deo Gloria Institute of Technology and Theology.”  Nevertheless, Lord willing, we will break ground this month.  Adding the “tech” spin has brought a lot of sweat and grind but has also brought potential for an abundance of spiritual fruit.

The strategy is to choose 24 young men for a full court press discipleship/tech training year.  Don’t worry, I won’t be doing any training in technology.  The owner of a tech business reached out to the project and asked if he could provide the financial and technological support for this computer training course.  After much prayer and council, we agreed that there was vast potential to help God’s people.  “Christian” will fund the tech training and building.  I have been asked to identify a mature Brazilian pastor, who will be sponsored by “Christian,” to disciple these young men with a special emphasis on learning theology through the Bible.

The idea is to reach out to young men in the North East of Brazil who may not have had much of an opportunity with formal education but who have been faithful members in their local church.  Millions in North Brazil have not had private education and therefore are limited in their career options.  After selecting the men, we would house them on a separate portion of the property, and the pastor and others would provide Biblical training, an introduction to Biblical counseling, tech and many other basic life skills.  The unique campus in Aldeia will allow the students a holistic approach to education with expert teachers in all the latest that the tech world has to offer but they can also learn so much more.  Some of these men could graduate after one year of study and be hired at a tech company.  This will allow them to provide for their family and, Lord willing, be solid leaders of Christian families.  Our greatest aspiration is to see some of these young men pursue mission work perhaps in other parts of the world where they could help plant churches as tent (tech) makers.  Some could even be called into full-time service after further theological preparation.  The goal is that through this one-year Institute these young men grow in wisdom and stature before God and men.

“Christian’s” company is growing rapidly in Recife.  What does he want to do with his growing resources?  Get a large yacht? Become famous?  No.  He wants to invest his talents for the glory of God!  He has a great desire to arrive on that great day and hear the Lord say, “Well done my good and faithful servant.  You multiplied the talents that I gave to build and beautify my bride for whom I died.”  May many more follow his example.

Please pray for us as we serve and supervise this project as well as continue on with the other things God has allowed us to be a part of.  As I looked over the financial review, once again, my heart springs up because of your partnership with us in the gospel.  Thank you all for your support in 2020 and may God continue to provide for each one in 2021.

Soli Deo Gloria,
The Leaman family


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