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Waeber Prayer Letter (May 2021)

Greetings from Lockland!

The Lord has been good to us over the last few months, and the work has gone on in a quiet, steady manner with occasional visitors. We continue to bring those who were previously on the fringes of the church body into meaningful fellowship with those already in membership. Certain cultural and community lines continue to be difficult to cross, but the witness goes forward.

I have begun a program of meeting individually with the members of our congregation on a regular basis, as the Puritan, Richard Baxter, encourages pastors to do, and I have been deeply blessed by the progress which I’ve seen from these meetings. There is so much instruction which can only really be given and applied on the individual level, even if folks are faithfully and diligently listening to the messages which are given in church. Making real, genuine progress in matters of faith and life is almost always borne forward by serious, close relationships rather than mere participation in a social function. I honestly credit this approach for much of the progress we’ve seen as far as folks coming in from the fringes of the church to the core.

The members of the church family have continued to grow closer to each other as the church has spent more time together, both in worship and in fellowship activities in the community. There are a few homeless folks from the community who have become very attached to our group and are quite faithful to attend both worship and fellowship activities. The work in these areas is quite slow, but we are beginning to see more comprehension of biblical doctrines, even from folks who don’t have any real background in the church. There are no shortcuts for this type of work; you simply have to put in the time, get the necessary concepts into place, build things from the ground up, and let the Spirit work.  God is good, and continues to provide.

Grace and peace,
Rev. Jason Waeber

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