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Yong Prayer Letter (August 2021)

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

We recently had a church family picnic. It was a time to enjoy God’s Word, food, and games with the church family in the church backyard. God allowed good weather. At the end of the picnic, we all sat in the shade of a tree and had a time to share what we thanked God for over the past year, from last summer to this summer. Thanking God for having the whole family attend the Lord’s Day service regularly since about a year ago; Thanking God for protecting our whole church family from the virus for a year; Thanking God for being able to adjust well in the United State from Korea a year ago by meeting good neighbors and church family; Thanking God for professing faith and being baptized. All of these prayers for people were my prayers for them as a pastor. Looking back over the year, God has heard and answered all my prayers and those of the church family. I am glad that the glory of God is shining through Christ in this little church.

One of my greatest praises is that all of the school-age children in our church will attend Heritage Christian School starting this Fall. A growing number of American Christian parents are not sending their children to the public schools. The reason is not simply because they are afraid of children making bad friends. It is because of the radical and atheistic education in the public schools. So, the alternatives that many American Christian parents choose are homeschooling and Christian schools. However, there are many practical difficulties for Korean-American Christian parents to choose between these two alternatives. The biggest challenge is that Korean-American Christian parents are still unaware of the radical and atheistic education in the public schools of the United States. The second is that, even if they know the reality of the public schools to some extent, they cannot easily avoid the benefits of free public schools. This is because Christian schools are private schools, so they have to pay quite a bit of tuition. Third, the relatively inexpensive alternative of homeschooling is not at all familiar to them, and most them cannot easily choose it due to the language barrier. After much deliberation, I came to the conclusion that the Christian school was the most suitable alternative for my family and the families of our church. So, I have had many prayers and counseling. Then, through various providences, God led all the children of our church to the Heritage Christian School, a ministry of the Tacoma Bible Presbyterian Church. I pray that the children, who are the future of our church and the country, would grow up to be godly and gifted Christians.

As our church looks back on the year like this, there is an annual meeting of PMU in August every year. This is a meeting to look back on the mission work of the past year, and determine the direction of the ministry for the next year with prayer. I give glory to God that many of the goals of ministry given to our church are gradually being fulfilled. Please pray that God will grow our members spiritually in Christ next year and that our church will be able to serve many people with the Word and Spirit of God.

In April 2022, the five-year Religious Visa granted to me will expire. PMU submitted the immigration application for me to the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) in November 2019. However, due to the current virus situation, immigration procedures are significantly more delayed than usual. Please pray that the immigration procedures will be carried out as soon as possible so that I do not have to stop church ministry due to the delay.

I recently gave a sermon with Puritan John Owen’s [On Temptation] in the Sunday morning service.  Please pray that I and our church members will not fall into various temptations while growing spiritually.


Pastor Myungjoong (Andy) Yong

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