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Leaman Family 2023 landscape

Christmas Greetings from the Leaman Family

by Rev. Doug Leaman
Project Soli Deo Gloria in Aldeia, Brazil
the Missions Banner, (December 2023:  Print Edition)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As we come to the close of yet another year, we have a heightened sense of the cosmic and spiritual forces of evil seeking to devour the nations as the world scene unfolds with wars and tragedies.  As it was at the time of Christ’s birth, the antithesis is great between the people of God and the sons of evil today.  How do we manage the divide but at the same time communicate the Good News of a risen Savior?  Balancing dialogue and antithesis is a challenge and God has placed us in an amazing and challenging time.  May we continue to stand fast together in Brazil and in the USA and wherever the Lord has planted us.  The victory has been won in Christ, so continue to pray with us for the triumph of the gospel in the hearts, minds, and hands of all those whom the Lord will call from every kindred and tribe and tongue and nation.  We are continually astounded by God’s faithfulness through your prayers and support.

-The Leaman Family


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