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2019 Karen and Jennifer

An Example of Loving Service

by Rev. Casey Southerland
PMU Field Director in Cincinnati, OH
the Missions Banner, (February 2024:  Print Edition)

Most people have never experienced what a mother experiences when her family moves from one settled place to a completely new town.  She ties up loose ends in their hometown and prepares the children, home, and in some ways, her husband for a totally new context.  In the new town she gets all of their particular needs settled.  These, and an array of unseen needs and demands, are met by her diligent and tireless dedication as she works to minimize the disruption of the lives and pursuits of her loved ones.

In 2019, when PMU moved, there were two such ladies managing the mission agency version of moving a home and family from one town to the next.  In Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho, Mrs. Karen Pine carefully put the PMU “house” in order and placed it in the capable hands of Mrs. Jennifer Hutchinson, who had been preparing to receive it in Cincinnati, Ohio.  There were a multitude of new relationships to establish- the new bank, new tech support, new lawyers with various fields of expertise, the church where the office resides, new volunteers helping to fold the Missions Banner, and, like the caring mother mentioned above, “an array of unseen needs and demands”.  With a love for the Savior and the work of missions, Jennifer has met all these “by her diligent and tireless dedication” all while working to minimize the disruption of the lives and work of our missionaries on fields around the world.

In addition to the normal duties of her role, Jennifer’s time of service included a challenging transition, followed immediately by the difficulties of COVID in 2020, and shortly after that, the variety of unexpected tasks related to the IRS’s error of removing PMU’s tax exemption.   Now, as the needs of her family have changed, Jennifer is handing the role of PMU’s Office Manager on to Kelly Southerland, who will also continue to serve as the Publications Specialist. PMU’s missionaries, governing council, and staff are deeply grateful to Jennifer for five years of faithful service to the Lord’s work in missions.


(Featured image: Karen and Jennifer training in 2019; pictured above: Jennifer and Kelly training in 2024)

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