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Covenant BP Mission Group Photo at Christmas

What’s It Like to Plant a Korean-American Church?

by Rev. Andy Yong
Covenant BP Mission in Tacoma, WA
the Missions Banner, February 2024:  Print Edition

We currently do not have our own building, but by the grace of God, we are meeting in the building of the Tacoma Bible Presbyterian Church. After Sunday morning worship, we have lunch together with Tacoma BPC members, sharing Korean and American food. Tacoma BPC and our church hold a special joint service for Christmas. It is a joy to share physical food with brothers and sisters in Christ, but it is even more joyful to share spiritual food, the Word of God.

Differences in language are a major obstacle to working and socializing together. It is a biblical truth and also my experiential conviction that God created a confusion of languages in order to scatter people throughout the world. It is also a biblical truth and my experiential conviction that God poured out the Holy Spirit in order to gather people from all over the world into the Church of Christ. I hope that I can serve as a bridge for the kingdom of God between Korea and the United States, Koreans and Americans, and first and second-generation Korean-Americans.

The next generation is an important issue for the church in any era. It is said that many children from Christian families lose their faith when they go to college. This doesn’t seem to be much different between Korea and the United States. There are currently 11 children in our church. What I, and our church, need to do is teach children with God’s love and Word to raise them into good Christian adults who can serve the Church of Christ. I pray God will continue to send children to our church.

Over the past few weeks, God has been sending us new adult visitors. One of them was a person who had not been able to attend church for several years due to health reasons but came after listening to my sermons on the Internet for several years. Another person is a young man with good faith and zeal who led youth group at a church in another area. After he moved to the Tacoma area, he came to visit our church. Another person was invited by a member of our church.  Now she attends our worship on a regular basis. God will continue to seek out His people, to save them from the world, to send them to church, and to sanctify them according to the image of Christ. I hope that I and the Covenant Bible Presbyterian Mission will be used in this work of God.

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