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Continue to Pray for Myanmar

Continue to Pray for Myanmar
by a Pastor in Myanmar
the Missions Banner, May 2024:  Online Edition


Specific names and locations have been removed for the safety of our brothers and sisters in Myanmar.


Dear friends,

One of the best things to know in times of difficulty is that there are people of God faithfully praying for us. Thank you so much for your unceasing prayers and your deep concern for us and for the people of Myanmar. Yes, we really need your prayer support in this difficult time.

Some of the young people in our church have moved to Thailand and India to avoid mandatory military service. There are still others who do not know what to do at this time but are simply living in fear and hopelessness. So please pray for them.

Continue praying for the church in the North. Though many of them still remain in India, some have come back as the situation over there gets better. Now they can have worship service on the Lord’s Day. Thank God for this.

The civil war in the northern part of another state has expanded to the southern part now.  If the situation gets worse, it will soon affect our brothers and sisters over there. Please pray for their protection and safety.

Thank God for His provision for another one of our churches. They have rented a house for the worship gathering. So far, they can worship without any trouble. So please keep praying for them.

Finally, pray for our country that the present crisis be resolved soon. It has been more than three years. Our suffering seems to be unending. But we know that God often makes a way where, naturally speaking, there is no way.

In His service,

A Pastor in Myanmar

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