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Douma Family Spring 2024

Summer Greeting from the Douma Family

by Rev. Doug Douma
SOLA Appalachian Christian Retreat in Unionville, NY
the Missions Banner, June/July 2024: Print Edition

Summer is our busiest season here at Sola and so there are a number of ministry opportunities presenting themselves. For one, we’re likely to grow in the number of guests as we have each year as we continue to become more well known in the hiking community. Then we have our intern, Jimmy Blizzard. And we hope that while he helps us and the hikers that we might in the same time be a blessing to him. We hope that we’ll get many hikers to do “work for stays” volunteering in our gardens that Priscilla has been planting this Spring. We’re working on building fences on our property, and Doug is also involved in coordinating a local project to build a wheelchair ramp for one of our church members. We also plan to increase the frequency in which we have pancake breakfasts with hikers. For all these things we crave your prayers. And then we crave even more prayer for us to tackle the many unplanned things that might arise during the course of our work!

-The Douma Family

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