Our Missionary Fields

Active Foreign Fields

  • Partnering with US and foreign national missionaries to carry out their calling under Christ's Great Commission and [...] Read more

Church Planting

  • Establishing new, local, Reformed, and Presbyterian congregations is the heartbeat of PMU's mission.  Though much of this effort takes place overseas, we desire to be of service in the [...] Read more

Home Missions

  • Partnering with the Bible Presbyterian Church and local congregations in the common purpose of fulfilling Christ's Great Commission in [...] Read more

Team Timothy / Short-Term Missions

  • Photos, Information, and News about Team Timothy Short-Term Mission trips. Read more

Special Projects

  • In addition to our regular ministry activities in the US and around the world, occasionally we are privileged to assist brethren of like-faith and practice in some special need or project.  Sometimes those needs [...] Read more

Retired Missionaries

  • Celebrate the faithful service of our retired missionaries. Read more