Active Foreign Fields

Partnership is the driving force behind PMU's existence and mission. As "an organization formed by … groups who work together for some purpose" (Bing dictionary), PMU partners with the Bible Presbyterian Church in the common purpose of fulfilling Christ's Great Commission. We partner with US and foreign national missionaries to carry out their calling under that same Commission, and we provide a mechanism for local churches to partner with missionaries at home and abroad. We rejoice that through these partnerships the Lord has helped us to minister in the growing fields of Brazil and Myanmar. As you explore the links below and learn what the Lord is doing on these fields, please pray for those who are laboring and ask the Lord what you might do to partner with them in their service.

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A certified biblical counselor with ACBC, Rev. Doug Leaman is teaching future Brazilian preachers and leaders the sufficiency of Scripture for all of life.



PMU continues to pray for our brothers and sisters in Myanmar.