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"Team Timothy" is PMU's short-term missions arm.  Open to Bible Presbyterian young people and adults, as well as to members of sister churches, our short-term mission teams exist for four main purposes: to witness of Christ to those who do not know Him, to give spiritual encouragement as a team to missionaries and pastors laboring for Christ by providing extra hands in needed projects, to provide an opportunity for believers to consider missionary service in a hands-on environment, and disciple the team members with an aim of encouraging a missionary heart and burden for the lost of the world.  As team members seek to aid the brethren in other places and proclaim the gospel, they leave their comfort zones behind and learn to depend upon the Lord for everything they do.  Our teams are not about "missions tourism" but rather are characterized by long hours, hard work, and vital ministry.  Everyone pulls their weight and then some.  We field teams both overseas and in the US.  Here you can find information about past teams, as well as explore the options for current and future opportunities.

Upcoming Mission Trips

Information for Team Timothy McCall 2024 is now available!  Download the information under Team Timothy Resources and Apply Online on the Team Timothy Applications page.

TT McCall 2024 Poster

Past Mission Trips

Brazil 2023

Team Timothy Resources

TT McCall 2024
Team Timothy McCall 2024 Prospective Team Member Information
TT McCall 2024
Team Timothy McCall 2024 Trip Information & To-Do List
TT McCall 2024
Pastoral/Session Evaluation Form for Team Timothy Applicants

Team Timothy News

TT McCall 2024 Poster
Team Timothy McCall 2024 Information
Team Timothy 2023 Whole Team
Team Timothy Brazil