Home Missions

In Home Missions, PMU partners with the Bible Presbyterian Church and its local congregations in the common purpose of fulfilling Christ's Great Commission in the US.  Though they may be closer to home, these mission fields are just as important to reach as those fields that are across seas and embedded in foreign cultures.  Through Home Missions we proclaim salvation through Christ alone to those who live within our own borders, states, cities, and communities.  These neighbors, friends, relatives, and visitors may have some familiarity with Christianity or Christian institutions.  They may even live in what is commonly referred to as the "Bible Belt," but yet have never encountered Jesus Christ as He is offered to them in the gospel.  We are grateful that the Lord has enabled us to minister in New York through our Home Missionaries.  Explore this ministry through the link below.

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Unionville, NY

Sola Appalachian Christian Retreat is an evangelistic ministry proclaiming the gospel to hikers on the Appalachian Trail.