Southerland family

PMU Field Director (Southerland)

September 2021

Thanking God for:

  • The marriage of our son, Cody, to our new daughter-in-law, Maggie in Pittsburgh, with Rev. Ben Robinson officiating!
  • The celebration of God’s grace in the life of Casey’s grandfather, Laban Jasper Dorsey, Jr., who passed last week.  His life as a Christian man and display of the fruit of the Spirit have been instrumental in passing faith in Christ and a glad heart to three generations.
  • Our biological family and our family in Christ who have celebrated, encouraged, wept and rejoiced with us as we spent a week traveling to Pittsburgh, PA for the wedding and directly to Rupert, WV for the funeral.
  • The engagement of our daughter Madi to Dylan Francis.


Please Pray for:

  • Our family as we work through the waves of grief and gladness over the passing of my grandpa, remembering what an enduring blessing he has been to our lives and faith.
  • Kelly as she begins physical therapy to recover from a surgery that repaired a torn meniscus.
  • My upcoming trips for PMU over the next month.

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