Leaman Family 2023 landscape

Project Soli Deo Gloria, Brazil (Leaman)

July 2024

Thanking God for:

  • Allowing all the Leaman boys to be back in Brazil this summer to help with the English camp at the Soli Deo Gloria Project and to be together with the whole family.
  • Restored health for family members who have faced health challenges and hospitalizations.
  • Zayin’s successful internship for university here in Brazil.

Please Pray for:

  • The Leaman family’s trip back to the States for furlough this summer and the Soli Deo Gloria Project as it will carry on with the on-site staff in their absence.
  • Our English Camp, (running July 2-6) that many may be encouraged in Christ and learn English.
  • The construction of a new building for our local church here in Aldeia.

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