Weed, CA

"Working to rebuild that 'City on a Hill' in Northern California where God's name is glorified, His saints are built up and the lost hear the good news, all through the faithful preaching of God's Word, diligent exhortation and authentic modeling of Christ in our lives."
- Rev. Mark Baldwin

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20510 Big Springs Road, Ste. A
Weed, CA  96094
Phone: 530-408-0009

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Weed, CA

The Baldwins are serving in
Weed, CA.

About Weed

Population: 2,654

County: Siskiyou

Elevation: 2933

28% of the people in Weed claim a religious affiliation.

Baptist: 4.0%
Catholic: 9.2%
Church of Jesus Christ: 3.6%
Eastern faith: 0.7%
Episcopalian: 0.2%
Lutheran: 0.7%
Methodist: 2.5%
Other Christian faith: 5.4%
Pentecostal: 2.0%
Presbyterian: 0.4


Except where noted, information taken from www.worldatlas.com

Rev. Mark Baldwin

Reformed BPC

Baldwin family 2019 (sm web)

Pastor Mark was an outspoken atheist when the Lord used the witness of a member of a local Bible Presbyterian Church to open his eyes and enable him to embrace the glorious gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. After coming to faith, Mark became a member of Grace BPC in Cincinnati, OH. He later attended and graduated from Western Reformed Seminary before being ordained and called to serve as a missionary in Cambodia in 2005. While in Cambodia, Mark married Wiwin, who is a wonderful partner in life and ministry. Together the Baldwins served the Lord faithfully on the foreign field. Now, they continue their work with PMU as Home Missionaries.

In the Lord's providence, Mark has now been called to minister to a local congregation in Weed, California, as their pastor. Pastor Mark and his family have joined Reformed BPC, a small but faithful congregation, in seeking to expand the witness of the gospel in their community.

Please join their ministry with your prayers and support.

Prayer Requests

Reformed BPC, CA (Baldwin)

March 2021

Thanking God for:

  • The good reception of our midweek study through “The Fear Factor” and that our series in 1st Peter is going well, even through these trying times.
  • A church member’s (Coco’s) memorial service and that a number of members of the old church attended.  Several said they wanted to visit again on a Sunday.
  • Dusty’s ability to worship with us a few times, though she is still struggling with lung issues.


Please Pray for:

  • Wiwin’s Green Card renewal.  Last year we had an issue and we are waiting for a reply to reopen the matter.  Many things are on hold until this is finished.
  • Our church who has had one family (a trustee) move away and had our loaned elder go home to be with the Lord.  Pray that the Lord would raise up men to serve here.
  • God to send visitors and attract new families to the church once people start feeling comfortable with visiting churches again.

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Prayer Letters

Baldwin family 2019 (sm web)
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