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TT Peru 2020 students

Team Timothy Peru: It’s All Spanish to Me! by Dr. Len Pine (Banner 7/19)

Though the ministry dates are still half a year away, PMU’s Team Timothy Peru is already deep into preparations for the work that will be done, as well as actively endeavoring to raise the necessary funds to make it all happen. Your help in supplying what is needed for the team’s expenses, whether directed to a particular individual’s account or just the ministry at large, will be joyfully received!

After every team that we send out, we always ask team members to give us feedback on their experience. Every time, the number one frustration that everyone has is the inability to communicate well with our foreign hosts and the folks we serve. So this year, more than any other in the past, language studies are a big priority. We are blessed to have a longer than usual time from team selection to the actual ministry, as language fluency is one of the skills that takes the most time to acquire. We are using online language learning tools (such as Duolingo) heavily, and as time goes on we’ll be setting up a discussion forum for the team so we can hone our skills together. One of our team members, Rebecca Williams, is currently a teacher in Lima, Peru, and she will head up our learning efforts stateside as well as serving as an interpreter in the field. The goal, of course, is to make our ministry more effective all around. My prayer is that we won’t have that typical feedback this time around! Please pray that the Lord will grant us ease in the learning of the Spanish language for His glory.

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