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Waeber family 2019 (sm web)

Nov-Dec Banner Article: Greetings from the Waebers

This year has certainly been a turbulent start to our ministry, but lately, things have shifted in a very positive direction. The membership of our core group has doubled (almost tripled), and it feels like we have a more effective mix of gifts and connections in this new group. With this growth, however, we are actually moving the ministry to a different town—Lockland, OH. There may be other changes in the pipe soon, but we are working on finalizing a lease and still doing the work to figure out what the ministry looks like with this newly formed group. I recently passed my floor exam for presbytery, and am now an ordained minister in the BPC. Libby and the kids are doing well, and we are all excited to see how the Lord intends to use us in the coming year. God is good, and His ways are always better than our ways.

The Waeber family

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