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Marriage, Family, and Gender Neutrality by Rev. Doug Leaman (March 2020 Banner)

We learned a lot as we visited major cities such as Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, and Belo Horizonte. As my family was in line at the museum in Sao Paulo, we noticed the young lady that was in front of the line receiving the tickets. I later revealed to the boys that the “lady” was actually a man. This is a huge problem in this culture. In another museum the restrooms were “gender neutral.” These recent illustrations demonstrate the great attack upon marriage and family that rages in our countries. Marriage and family are under constant attack from Satan.

The culture is lost and in rebellion against the Creator. These cultural delusions press in on the people of God from every media and institutional outlet. The Bible-believing Christian needs to push back against the monolithic onslaught of paganism. There is an all-out war from within and without in these most basic building blocks of human institutions. God’s leaders need to be prepared to equip their flocks with the Biblical precepts for family government.

In the middle of February, a group of pastors and their wives met at the Soli Deo Gloria property for another course in Biblical Counseling. The theme was Marriage and Family. The following is some of what we studied:

  1. The theology of marriage and family
  2. How to do marriage and family counseling
  3. The objectives and basic problems to be addressed in marriage and family
  4. The marriage covenant
  5. God’s blueprint for marriage and family
  6. Parenting
  7. Discipline
  8. Roles of husband and wife
  9. Premarital counseling
  10. Conflict resolution
  11. Adoption

This year, we invited the wives to come along with their children. We had great fellowship and good food. The wives were happy to be able to travel with their husbands and children so that whole family could be together while the course was taking place. The ladies told Leah, “We are so thankful for this opportunity. We have never been able to be alongside our husbands and participate in their classes.” It was a special time of learning together and the kids had a blast running around the campus playing a thousand games of hide and go seek. Also, Leah thoughtfully organized a way for the ladies to be cared for with haircuts while on campus.

We believe in the sufficiency of God’s Word to give us a clear vision on this important issue. We praise the Lord for the opportunity to provide an extensive course for Pastors and leaders who want to know the outlines for Marriage and Family found in God’s Word. They leave the course ready to pass the word along to other faithful men in their own region of northeast Brazil.

Thank you for allowing us to serve the family of God in Brazil. Please pray that His Word will spread far and wide in this land for His glory.

Soli Deo Gloria

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