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2020, 4 Yong Covenant BP Mission, resized

Methods of Growth in Church Planting by Rev. Andy Yong (April 2020 Banner)

It has been about six months since we settled down in a new TBPC building after a few moves. At the writing of this article, I was made thankful by counting the number of members and regular visitors. Our group is now about 20, including 7 children. Although everyone has not yet worshiped together on Sunday, I expect that day to come soon. Truly, God has done everything. Confessing this truth, I pondered the ways that God has grown our group.

First: Family growth.
God has given Jin and I three children, so our family is now five. Family growth is the most common and blessed method of church growth in the Bible.  We have also grown through the addition of other family members.  Recently, my relative’s family and a church member’s sister have moved to the area and they now worship with us. It is a great blessing for family members to serve one church with one heart. God has given us this privilege.

Second: Ministry within the church.
There have been times when I have made a mistake in not being fully prepared for the sermons on Sunday because of my outside ministries during the week.  However, as time went by, I found that the Sunday sermon is the most important ministry. Since we have nothing more to offer than other churches from a worldly viewpoint, most of those who settled in our church have done so because the Sunday sermon satisfies their souls as the living water and bread of life. Some people came after they listened to the sermons that I have posted on the church website and YouTube. Online sermons can also be regarded as a ministry outside the church.

Third: Ministry outside the church.
This has always been the most effective way to spread the gospel: for believers to preach the gospel to people outside the church and invite them into the church. As a believer, I do the same. The place I have met many people is a park playground in front of my house where I often go with my children.  I also meet many people in Korean markets and other stores. I invite those new people to the church and those who are not saved to the gospel.  In order to continue the relationship, I pray for them and invite them to my house for dinner. If they seem to be open to the gospel, I invite them into one-on-one Bible study or counseling with me.

Many thanks for your prayers and support. I will continue to do the calling given to me as the Lord allows.


(Picture caption: Covenant BP Mission, Sunday fellowship)

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