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Profile: Project Soli Deo Gloria by Rev. Doug Leaman (July 2020 Banner, Online edition)

Many Christians are asking, “what should we be doing to fight those who have exchanged the truth of God for a lie and all the cultural chaos that flows from this idolatry?  How should we spend our time, resources, efforts and energies?”  The priorities of the Soli Deo Gloria Project answer this question well: prioritize the gospel, love the church, strengthen marriage and family, support Christian education, and generally fight for a Biblical worldview to be applied to all areas of thought and life.

The men who God brought to form the Soli Deo Gloria Project as a legal entity are servants of Christ and committed to these priorities.  Caio is an elder, married to Rebeca, and they just had their first baby named Israel.  Raphael is married to Natalia and they have two beautiful baby girls named Elis and Sophia. Raphael is a member of the church in Aldeia and he works for the state as an auditor.  The vice president is a pastor named Wendel.  Wendel was a student at the seminary and loves Biblical counseling and apologetics.  The property caretaker is Eugenio.  He is married to Natalia, and they have two young daughters named Maria and Julia.  He is a veterinarian by education and his wife is finishing her PHD in botany.  Beyond these men there is also a supervisory pastoral board made up of currently five pastors from different Bible-believing denominations in Brazil.

There are four main branches of ministry under the main trunk which is advancing the glory of God and His gospel as far and as wide as possible.  The first aspect is to teach, declare and promote the sufficiency of God’s Word for all matters pertaining to life and godliness. The second is to proclaim and advance a Biblical worldview.  The third is to promote a culture of Biblical counseling through teaching, training as well as providing counseling for pastors and elders who are in need of a physical as well as spiritual refuge.  Finally, the land will also be used to support the churches in the regions for their ministry needs such as camps, retreats, and evangelism.

God has given the mission in Brazil a precious opportunity for aiding and strengthening the Bible believing churches and proclaiming the Gospel in this land.  The project is located in Aldeia, a beautiful neighborhood of Camarigibe in the state of Pernambuco, Brazil.  The property is a forty-minute drive from the international airport and is covered with Atlantic forest and includes a fascinating variety of birds, and interesting creatures such as sloths, capybara, snakes and other interesting wildlife.  Please let us know if there is any way you can visit or get involved!  Please pray for us as we seek to steward this project for His glory.

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