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Baldwin family 2019 (sm web)

Why Home Missions? by Rev. Mark Baldwin (October 2020 Banner)

In these troubled times, the question might be asked, “Why home missions?” Why plant new churches, why support small churches, why tax ourselves further when we already have so much on our plates?   There’s a pandemic that’s crippling the country.  Churches in many areas are being persecuted by local and state governments and forced to close.  Some of the churches that can’t worship in person are having to shutdown permanently for financial reasons.  Communities across the country are rioting and burning buildings while wildfires rage across the west.  Anarchy is being celebrated while the rule of law and the constitution are being subverted.  The most polarized election in recent memory is coming up and predictions about the outcome promise more unrest.  We all have a lot on our plates so, “Why home missions?”

On an individual level, the church is where the message of hope is preached.  God is real; God is sovereign.  God has made His people many wonderful promises such as, “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose” (Rom 8:28).  Yes, even the current situation.  Church is also where we meet with God’s people, our beloved brothers and sisters, for mutual encouragement, edification, and accountability.

Church is also where the gospel is.  Church is where we learn that sin is sin and that it damns us all to an eternity of punishment in hell.  Church is where we learn that God has made a way out from punishment through faith in Christ, who died to pay the price of our sin.  Church is where the truth, the real, absolute truth, is loved and proclaimed against the lies of this age.  It is where the truth stands in opposition to the lies told about the scriptures and God as well, as the lies told concerning the things of the world and of society.

The church, or at least the godly Church, made up of godly believers, really is a city on a hill and a lamp on its stand.  It proclaims the truth that transforms. It is not irrelevant in troubled times but rather a large part of the remedy.

“Why home missions” in troubled times?  Because godly churches are few and far between, yet even more necessary in troubled times.

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