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Liu Family August 2020 Sunflower Fields

Christmas Greetings from the Liu family

Dear PMU Supporters,

What a year this 2020 has been!  And it isn’t over…yet. While certain grand plans of ours this year had to be postponed or put on hold, it was a humbling reminder that it is the Lord who builds the house, and we only labor in vain if we forget this important truth (Psalm 127:1)! Despite the setbacks, the Lord builds His church, opens door for ministry, and sanctifies His people.  So, far be it from us to view this time as ministry being hampered, but rather opened in unexpected ways—do we have the eyes of faith to see and to use these opportunities?  The shelter-in-place gave both my family and the church time to take a step back for self-reflection, evaluation, and prayer.  What is the foundation of our stability in life?  “Behold, I lay in Zion a stone for a foundation, a tried stone, a precious cornerstone, a sure foundation.  Whoever believes will not act hastily.”—Isaiah 28:16.  May this year and next be a time of stripping away of our earthly dependences so that we might find our true foundation and stability in Christ Jesus our Lord!  Thank you for your faithful prayers and support for us in the last year. Press on in your service to our great God and King.

The Liu family

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