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Christmas Greetings from the Yong family

Posted on Nov 24, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As I look back on this year, it was a season of first fruits in our mission church.  Those whom I have been reaching out to now regularly attend church; and some of them actively participate in church ministries.  This was the first year that our church hasn’t needed to move. The twenty-five chairs of our worship room are filled with people more frequently.  This is also the first year that we have had regular evening services and prayer meetings, VBS, and even a church family retreat.  2020 was not ‘virus year’ to us but another year the gospel has spread by God whose is the only name I praise highly.  No matter what the season in 2021, let us be like the Apostle Paul who was described as “a plague throughout the world” for the sake of the gospel of Jesus.  I very much appreciate your prayers and support. Thank you for the privilege to serve God’s people with you.

The Yong family

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