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Revs Brinegar, Lyro, Southerland at Synod, cropped

Grateful for Decades of Service

by Rev. Casey Southerland
PMU Field Director, Cincinnati, OH
the Missions Banner, Aug/Sept 2022: Print edition

The Biblical imagery of the body with its many members employing a wide range of gifts is well known and appreciated in the context of a local church.  It is also a good reason for thanks for God’s provision to the broader church and indeed our mission agency.  This year the PMU Council noted benchmarks in service of two of its members who bring a background of training and gifts that are relatively unique among ministers but especially valuable to PMU.

Not only do Revs. Steve Brinegar and Tito Lyro both bring the training and experience of church pastors, which alone is very valuable to PMU, they also possess training in financial fields that have proven to be helpful to PMU in its stewardship of the Lord’s funds given for the purpose of missions.  The sacrifice of their families and churches allowing them to give time and energy to gospel missions through PMU are much appreciated.  Please join us in thankfulness to God for Rev. Brinegar’s ten years of service and for Rev. Lyro’s twenty years of service.

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