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2022 Leaman family pic

Leaman Christmas Greetings 2022

Dear Friends,

We started this year with the continuation of the world crisis called Covid and in Brazil we are ending the year with a possible military intervention because of the chaotic governmental situation.  In the middle of such epic struggles, it is difficult for our little minds and feet to know what to do beyond trust and obey.  It is a soothing and tremendous truth to know that our God is the Almighty King of kings and Lord of lords (Rev. 19:15-16).  We do not exactly know how God’s people will be treated in the near future and we do not know the future of religious liberty in this country.  One thing we do know and can rest in, is that our God reigns. We will keep you posted on the events here in Brazil but pray for God’s people.  At the close of this year please pray and praise and remember with us that the Almighty is Immanuel and came to save a lost world.

Thank you, dear brothers and sisters.

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