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Waeber family

Christmas Greetings from the Waeber family

Greetings from Lockland, Ohio!

We have a good God who sustains us, even when circumstances place us in difficulties we never expected.  Covid has certainly presented us with a unique set of challenges for a church plant, but we have also found that it has revealed certain appetites within folks that often remain suppressed in normal circumstances.  The isolation and animosity which surround us so closely right now means that many folks are genuinely surprised by simple acts of Christian decency.  Our regular worship and membership have grown only modestly over the last year, but we are beginning to hear feedback from the community that our work and presence has been acknowledged and appreciated.  This is slow and hard work, during a difficult and closed time, but God is doing something in Lockland through our humble efforts. Please pray that he will continue to prosper our efforts to bring the gospel to the lost.

The Waeber family

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